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Whale World is an internationally unique attraction, taking visitors on a journey through the site of Australia’s last operating whaling station.  Visitors have the freedom to explore an actual whaling ship, stand on the actual flensing deck and watch as actual cookers spin into action.  An experience not to be missed!

Whale World provides a free guided tour with every admission and effectively brings together the past with the present-day with fully immersive state-of-the-art technology recreating the dramatic sounds and images of the old whaling station.  A gun blast followed by a cloud of smoke and the camaraderie between two whalers awakens visitors to the audio re-enactment of a whale chase upon the Cheynes IV, and the journey begins… 

A SpectraVision unit displays ‘A Day in the Life of a Whaler’ through the captivating projection of miniaturised people and three whale oil storage tanks converted to theatres now feature entertaining presentations including the world’s first 3-D animated whale film and a multimedia show.  The world’s largest marine mammal painting collection and a spectacular skeleton exhibit, boasting the state’s largest Pygmy Blue Whale skeleton on display, also add to the attraction.

With over 20 captivating exhibits, not forgetting the whale themed children’s playgrounds, Whalers Galley Café-Restaurant and Mobies Souvenirs, Whale World prides itself on being an over three hour enlightening experience and Albany’s number one attraction. 

Finally, a visit to Whale World is complemented with amazing views overlooking the picturesque King George Sound, its islands, sea birds and, on occasions, whales.  Situated 22km from Albany on the Flinders Peninsula on the edge of Torndirrup National Park it promises a very diverse range of local flora within its own Wildflower Walk.

“You don’t know Albany until you visit Whale World”


 A Brief History!  

The Cheynes Beach Whaling Company (1963) Pty. Ltd. commenced its Frenchman Bay operation in 1952. A dramatic drop in the world price of whale oil, the need for substantial capital investment and the uncertainty of an extended Government licence, rather than environmental group pressures, combined to bring about the decision to close the company's Frenchman Bay Whaling Station after 26 years. The last whale was caught on 21 November 1978.

Encouraged by the high number of visitors to the operating station, John and his wife Jill established a small museum and souvenir centre on site in 1974 - an initiative which laid the foundation of today's Whale World Museum.

The Museum's Mission Statement is 

"To preserve and interpret Australia's last Whaling Station as an historic and cultural asset for the education and enjoyment of this and future generations"

while its Vision Statement is "Whaleworld: One of the world's significant tourist attractions."


Whale World tours are 30 minute professionally guided tours departing from the front of the Cheynes IV Whalechaser.

The tours are an overview of the site, touching on the history of whaling, Cheynes Beach Whaling Company, processing and statistics.

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